2022 2nd International Conference on Electronic Materials and Information Engineering(EMIE 2022)
Call For Paper

2022 2nd International Conference on Electronic Materials and Information Engineering (EMIE 2022) will bring together leading researchers, engineers and scientists in the domain of interest from around the world.

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

(一)电子材料:(a) electronic materials

1. 半导体材料

2. 导电金属及其合金

3. 电磁屏蔽材料

4. 介电材料

5. 压电与铁电材料

6. 磁性材料

7. 光电子材料

8. 电池

9. 微电子材料

10. 电力电子

11. 先进的功率半导体

12. 分布式发电,燃料电池和可再生能源系统

13. 电磁兼容

14. 可穿戴电子材料

15. 电子封装

16. 二维材料柔性光电子器件

17. 集成电路

18. 传感器

19. 电子信息计算机材料

1. Semiconductor materials

2. Conductive metals and their alloys

3. Electromagnetic shielding materials

4. Dielectric materials

5. Piezoelectric and ferroelectric materials

6. Magnetic materials

7. Optoelectronic materials

8. Battery

9. Microelectronic materials

10. Power electronics

11. Advanced power semiconductors

12. Distributed generation, fuel cells and renewable energy systems

13. Electromagnetic compatibility

14. Wearable electronic materials

15. Electronic packaging

16. Two-dimensional material flexible optoelectronic devices

17. Integrated circuits

18. Sensors

19 Electronic information computer materials


(b) Information engineering:

20. 信息与通讯工程

21. 人工智能

22. 生物信息学

23. 软件工程

24. VLSI设计与制造

25. 光子技术

26. 并行和分布式计算

27. 数据挖掘

28. 密码学

29. 算法和数据结构

30. 图与组合

31. 电子商务与电子学习

32. 地理信息系统(GIS)

33. 联网

34. 信号处理

35. 嵌入式系统

36. 通信和无线系统

37. 多媒体系统与应用

38. 新兴技术

20. Information and communication engineering

21. Artificial intelligence

22. Bioinformatics

23. Software engineering

24. VLSI design and manufacturing

25. Photonic technology

26. Parallel and distributed computing

27. Data mining

28. cryptography

29. algorithm and data structure

30. Figure and combination

31. E-commerce and E-learning

32. Geographic Information System (GIS)

33. Networking

34. Signal processing

35. Embedded system

36. Communication and wireless systems

37. Multimedia systems and applications

38. Emerging technologies

(三)其他相关主题(c) Other related topics

Manuscripts reviewed by experts from the conference organizing committee will be accepted and published on Conference Proceedings. The published papers will then be submitted for EI Compendex, Scopus abstracting/indexing

Submission Methods

1.The submitted papers must not be under consideration elsewhere.

2.Please send the full paper(word+pdf) to SUBMISSION SYSTEM

3.Please submit the full paper, if presentation and publication are both needed.

4.Please submit the abstract only, if you just want to make presentations.

5.Templates Download: Templates

6.Should you have any questions, or you need any materials in English, please contact us at yezijun@ais.cn


1) Both Abstract and Full Paper are welcomed. The author can make an oral presentation after the Abstract is accepted and the payment is finished.

2) All submitted articles should report original, previously unpublished research results, experimental or theoretical. Articles submitted to the conference should meet these criteria and must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. We firmly believe that ethical conduct is the most essential virtual of any academic. Hence any act of plagiarism is a totally unacceptable academic misconduct and cannot be tolerated.