2022 2nd International Conference on Electronic Materials and Information Engineering(EMIE 2022)
Prof. Lijian Zuo

Lijian Zuo got his Ph. D in Jun. 2014 from Polymer Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University. His Ph. D. thesis focuses on the device engineering of organic photovoltaics. After graduation, he subsequently carried out research as post-doc at Zhejiang University (2014-2015, supervisor: Hanying Li), UCLA (2015-2016, supervisor: Yang Yang), and University of Washington (2016-2020, supervisor: Alex K.-Y. Jen). In 2020, he joined Zhejiang University as distinguished researcher, and got the national fund for youg talent.

In the recent year, he focused on high-performance, low-cost organic and perovskite semiconductors and photovoltaic devices, and published over 90 peer-review papers, including Nature Nanotechnology, Science Advances, Nature Communications, Journal of the Ameircan Chemical Society, Advanced Materials, and Energy & Environmental Sciencce.